How To Open Raven Bank Account

How To Open Raven Bank Account In Nigeria With Full Guidelines Needed As Been Provided Here For You, Ensure You Read Till The End To See Other Related Contents To How To Open Raven Bank Account.

In this article which speaks more about Raven Bank legitimacy and authencity, the writer was able to shield light to some of the things believed you should know. However, this article is going to give you more deeper understanding.

Many people has been asking how to open raven bank account meanwhile, they haven’t learn about their legitimacy, that is why I decided to make a deeper research, check their authencity and finally made an article about the fact I found out and which people must know about them.

About Raven Bank

Raven bank whose Motto is ” The People’s Bank Of Africa” is a mobile banking platform that enable user’s to send , recieve and save money.

Also, you can borrow money from Raven bank just like other mobile banking platforms like Kuda bank, Vbank, Palmpay, Opay etc.

Apart from the monetary services mentioned above, Raven bank is a platform which enables all user’s to seemlessly and conveniently pay bills.

Raven Bank Growth Metrics

Currently, Raven bank can boast of the following since the start-up years till this moment.

Growth Metrics


  • Over 250,000 Customers.
  • Over 200 businesses have partnered with them
  • Over 30,000 daily transactions.

Facts About Raven Bank You Must know Before Opening Raven Bank Account

As said earlier in this article, before you open raven bank account, not only Raven bank account but any mobile banking platforms, there are some things you need to understand about them.

Below are the facts you must know before you open raven bank account.

1. Level Of Security

The very first thing is security. Raven Banking platform provide top notch security for their user’s to securely connect all their bank accounts and as well track every transactions in their dashboard.

2. Interest Rate

Would you still want to continue banking with platform with too high interest rate?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to!


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