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About MySmsAlert

MySmsAlert is a Sub-Project of SUNMENCE, it is a platform that is created to inform student across Nigeria about any urgent
information such as: Exam date, Institution Opening and Closing date for Post-UTME,  Urgent class or test, Assignment submission date, strike, Resumption
and end of semester date, information from their various faculty, department, institution, and so on, Via SMS as Text message, this platform will allow student to register with just #200 for a semester, this means the registration will only last for one semester, and the registration will be done online. This registration will be done via the webpage and it can be done by someone or done for someone with the same mobile phone.


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Why Us

Most of the institution with different courses and those department has their WhatsApp group and there are use for passing information but firstly when an important information is passed out, student are fond of chatting in this case the information will be covered and student that later logged in will find it difficult to start reading from the top to the last message, they just scroll down and loose the information and this case they become surprised when they are later been told about it and this process has been difficult for student to get informed and not all student will be called when the information is been passed out, and because of the information the group cannot be locked. On the other hand, student without smartphone to join the group chat and even some with Smartphone without data, will sometimes not receive that information at that particular time, Meanwhile not all of them will be called or sent text message, but whenever they register they have 99.9% to receive information that is been passed out without having any issues as far as their phone is on at that very moment for them to get it immediately, but they can still get it whenever their device is been turned on.