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Bringing Information from your Institution to your Fingertips as Text Message

Do you ever miss any important information from your institution?

Do You Ever Miss Any Important Information From Your Institution?

There is
nothing to worry about anymore!! MySmsAlert got you covered, we bring to you
any valid/latest information from your institution/faculty/department/ lecture
theater and so on via SMS. Irrespective of your level, institution, department
with just #300 per semester. Register now and get informed via SMS.

MySmsAlert is
a platform that is created to inform student across Nigeria about any urgent
information such as: Urgent class or test, Assignment submission date, strike,

What Students Are Saying

Here are various Feedback from different students on Merit of MySmsAlert

"-Whatever you do, always put convenience first. Being A Representing figure of my department in school. Tho Necessary and being part of me. Sometimes, I do find passing messages to my fellow student a kind of Arduous due to the fact that not all of them are on WhatsApp.... So I have to split my Message Passing Medium(MPM) into via SMS and via WhatsApp But With MySMSALERT... It's been so easy and Convenient... Thanks to the Initiative, passing infos Issa goal🥳🥳🥳🥳"
Onipede Hakeem
"Receiving correct and current information is kinda hard and frustrating as a student, but with the help of MySmsAlert, I have been receiving current and correct information straight up 😁😁, I urge all to register!"
Tewogbade Adedeji
Distribution and Receiving Information has been difficult, Most especially Real and accurate messages, but ever since the time i Registered to MySmsAlert Receiving accurate message as been awesome, so i really think sharing the school information via SMS have really been a great idea
Okoro Chinyere

Chat Room

feedback, group, communication

Mysmsalert Chat Room is is created to help connect student across Institutions in Nigeria (From Post-Utme to Post Graduate), Posu-Utme Students can join their Selected institutions in Jamb or preferred institutions, get real Update from students in the institutions, make friends with each others and get help when they wants to do their Post-Utme, Under Graduate can make use of the platform for their project and assignment guide.
Mysmsalert help provide solutions to challenges students are facing in each institutions, make friends, have fun, discuss on trending stuff in various groups like Fashion, Education, Technology, Politics, meet each other and many more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Mysmsalert helps serve as an information passing medium between the institution and the students, to make their means of communication easier VIA SMS.

Yes it is and we are craving more for other institutions too, the aim is to be of services to all institution in Nigeria, and we look forward in archiving that in the nearest future.

Mysmsalert is created to take in over 1Billion student information and stores it successfully without loosing any data

Yes it is absolutely secure by 100%, information are done from end-to-end encryption. Secure, Fast, and Reliable Information.

Mysmsalert are very careful with their users data storage and the process is automated, which means whenever a student registered, his/her data is safe automatically and disbursement of information is also done automatically, the user should please try resolving it from his/her end and then can later contact us if the issue still persist.

Yes you can. All you need to do is provide us your former number and the information you use to register your other Number, most importantly is your reference number sent to your email after registration.